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Social & Cultural Organizations operating in Quetzaltenango

Fomento para el Desarrollo Integral

FDI is a civilian, non-profit organization formed by youths with a social conscience who are looking to support the overall development of Guatemala through education and recreation.
Our goal is to contribute towards the socio-educational development of Guatemala by fostering education in Guatemala, especially in rural areas by means of our different programs aimed at education and other areas of social development.
Nowadays, libraries constitute an important part of the development of a society, especially in improving the quality of life of the individuals who utilize them. We wish to provide access to library services to the communities that need it most, thus facilitating the opportunity to develop intellectual and technical abilities, and contributing to the improvement of education, and to thus combat illiteracy and improve the quality of human life. visit the website:

Fundación Guadelante

Foundation Guadelante supports small projects in Guatemala. We believe that real development comes from local people themselves. Guadelante supports locally organized projects and our goal is to make the projects self supportive so they can continue without our help in the future. Organization and implementation will be in the hands of our partner organizations and the local community. At the moment we work with the local organization Fomento para el Desarrollo Integral (FDI) and ASAECO.  On our good judgment and depending on further developments of the foundation we may choose to support more local NGO's in the future. We ask for solidarity from everyone who has the possibility to contribute to our activities. Education is a fundamental step in improving the overall living conditions of poor people in Guatemala. visit the website:


Asociación Hogar Nuevos Horizontes

Asociacion Hogar Nuevos Horizontes is a private, Guatemalan, apolitical, non-profit organization based in the city of Quetzaltenango since 1989, supporting women and children in situations of need. We work without any kind of gender, religious, ethnic or cultural discrimination, our aims being the social and human well-being, and overall development of those we assist.

While our work is relevant and related to that of other women's institutions and organizations in Guatemala, Nuevos Horizontes offers a unique combination of services that include: a shelter and family support for abused women and children and those in situations of social risk, judicial accompaniment and support, childcare centers, community education in the topics of human rights, gender, self-esteem, and sexuality, a medical clinic and psychological therapy, and training centers for women.
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